The second feature film by Eveshka Ghost.

In the ancient forest of Soza, a fighter, a thief, and a hermit go searching for a magical sword that can control minds.


The film is currently in post production.

A note from the director:

After struggling to get a film out of the granary location, we made an oath at one of my birthday gatherings in the woods, that we would make a film with lots of guys with beards.
Xander said a funny quote about a 'grande warrior', and it stuck. All I knew was that I wanted it in the woods - away from everything, with three guys, with different motives, and one of them being a hermit in an old cabin.
Everyone was on board, but the problem was - finding a cabin.

Since it's supposed to be a fantasy/adventure, finding a cabin that looks authentic is a difficult task with virtually no budget. So we considered building it, or using a cave or even exploring re-enactment places that might already have one. The problem again is that even if they did exist, the cabin wouldn't be in the middle of the woods and it would probably be very far away.
Just as we were about to lose hope, Seth stepped in and said let me show you my brother's cabin, so we did. It was spectacular what he had done, more than overkill for what we'd need. So we said 'Seth, reckon you can make something half as good as that?' - and he did!

We put the foundation down, and I planned with Seth where I wanted it to be and how big it was, and then started shooting scenes away from the cabin. When Seth wrapped up for the day, he would go and work on the cabin, using sticks, twigs, cobbing, sheeps wool, you name it.
By the time we were ready to film there, it was completed. I gave him a bunch of old cups and candles and props I'd saved, combined with his talent for finding an endless supply of animal skulls, bones and antlers, he decorated it and made it his own. You could say, he was method acting from the start!

So we filmed it. Was it hard? Yeah, kinda. Was it as hard as The Granary? Nah. But I'm not at the set now, so I'm gonna say that, naturally :)

The Bastard Sword was shot on one SONY A7S camera with Samyang Prime lenses.

We hope to release it at some point during 2018, so watch this space!

- Eveshka Ghost, Director

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