Hello there!
Let me introduce you to the team...

Eveshka Ghost
Tyrant/Control Freak

Hello there!
Don't really know what to say. Did you know, I wrote a robot to write this stuff for me?
Kinda weird isn't it. Good old VB6!

Website: Eveshka Official
Email: eveyghost@gmail.com

Xander Phillips
Largo LeGrande look-a-like

Look at him. Think's he's a man worthy of title.
Six foot tall, arms of tree-trunks and hair of elemental fire.
A real Largo LeGrande Warrior.
Xander’s voice acting work at casting call club

Website: Casting Call
Email: Xander.rusalkapictures@gmail.com

Chris Wilson
Donkey Kong Expert

Super ultra

Caroline Gilbert
Monkey Island Player

Tasty treeeat, Carolineeeee xxx

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